McIntire Managment Group

D&W Systems Sales

By joining forces in 2010, D&W Systems and McIntire Management Group (MMG) gained the opportunity to provide the water and wastewater industry with more than 50 years of experience as manufacturers’ representatives. We attribute the success and longevity of our company to holding and abiding by a core set of values, systematized sales training and laser-like focus in the market we serve. Our emphasis is simple and focused on building relationships with all municipal clients and engineers by helping to solve all the issues that plague their projects and systems.

We have a sales team placed strategically throughout our ten-state marketing area to ensure we are accessible to our clients when they have a need. This experienced team of sales representatives is backed by more than 40 years of inside sales experience between our two branches. Thanks to the sales and customer service team we have in place, clients can feel confident their questions are answered, quotes are sent, and orders are shipped in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you searching for representation in one of our service areas? If so, please browse through our site and contact us to discuss a possible partnership.

Amazing Products. Amazing Partnerships.

Anyone can take your order, sell a product and send it out the door. It takes an entirely unique philosophy to help you solve real problems. Each relationship we nurture is treated as a partnership – with both clients and manufacturers. We don’t just serve as the “middle men” taking and fulfilling orders. Our company is made up of an amazing team, dedicated to finding solutions and standing behind everything we do; long after the ink has dried or the warranty has expired.