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About Us

What makes us different is the size of our sales force and the area we serve. While our company has evolved from its humble beginnings of a one-man, small home office, we still hold the same values and goals we had in the very beginning. Treating each of our customers as a partner ensures we help you solve problems and serve the need you have.

After 20 years of running municipal supply houses in Missouri and Arkansas, Mark McIntire has honed his craft to better suit the needs of modern clients. He took his more than two decades of knowledge to develop an efficient system to build relationships with concrete contractors, operators and engineers, to solving problems and getting the products he represented sole-sourced specified. With this system, Mark successfully grew his business and hired a team of talented professionals to help continue serving the needs of our customers.

Our company has grown extensively over the past years from offering one product line and from one employee, to now having a team of 14 people located over a 10-state span.

We Proudly Serve 10 States

Arkansas / Illinois / Iowa / Kansas / Louisiana / Mississippi / Missouri / Nebraska / Oklahoma / Texas

Our Commitment

Since the beginning, or focus was (and still is) on the specification side of the industry. Another unique factor of our service is our preference to warehouse and stock the products available on our line sheet. With this system in place, we can lower lead times, quick-ship standard items and protect the specs we have worked so hard to secure.

We have an experienced customer service team to make sure requests for quotes, submittals and technical assistance are handled in an expedited fashion, which allows our sales force to maximize face time with each client served. When you contact our office, you are always going to be greeted by a friendly voice and find a person dedicated to helping solve your problems on the other end of the line.

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Our Distribution

Except a few of our rehab products, we choose to sell through distribution. From the mom and pop pipe yard to working with the plant groups at HD Supply and Ferguson, we have developed working relationships with all of them. This allows us to focus on spec work and utilizes their relationship with contractors and municipalities.

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